John and Sallie Carlson - Bloomington, Minnesota -

LightChase Photography
LightChase Photography focuses on landscapes and has specialized in Minnesota Northern Light photographs. Owned by John Carlson, both John and his wife Sallie have active roles in the business. John is the technician behind the scene. He takes photos and works with the digital files to produce a good representation of the subject. While he takes care of the technical details, Sallie takes photos and helps with the production side of the business.

John and Sallie came up with the business name, LightChase Photography, one morning after they had spent the entire night in the field taking photos of the Northern Lights. Their discussion centered on the foolishness of someone driving over 50 miles in the middle of the night to take pictures. (Yes, they have had the local sheriff pull over to find out why they were stopped on a country road looking at a map in the middle of nowhere!) As Sallie and John talked about their photographs, they realized that many of their images were taken with great emphasis on how the light was shining on the subject.

Knowing they wanted to create a website to display these photos, they played with various combinations of the words "light," "chase," and their synonyms as internet addresses. When proved to be available, "LightChase Photography" was born.

John Carlson
A native Minnesotan, John spent many vacations in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. His family often went to a cabin in the Grand Rapids, MN area. John's hobby as a teenager was photography, including darkroom development and hand printing of photos. A self-taught computer programmer and designer, it has been a natural step to start experimenting with scanning film and slides to process images digitally. As digital cameras became affordable, John easily made the transition into the world of digital photographs and processing.

Sallie Carlson
Sallie was born in Illinois, but spent her teen years in North Carolina. Both she and John attended the same college in the Minneapolis area and ended up staying in the area after school was done. After her job in the production side of the publishing industry ended, she eventually took a job in a framing shop, designing and fitting framed pieces of art. Inheriting her parents' love of nature, she has always been interested in cameras and snapping photos, but could never justify the expense of film and processing. The digital world changed that! Using a digital camera she can now shoot all the pictures she wants, and then decide to keep only the best ones. Always one to play with words, she enjoys writing the short descriptions for each photo and the 'blurbs' for the website.

The motto of LightChase Photography: 'We shoot the stars while you're sleeping!'